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Question: How can traditional media change to work better with new media?

“Actually traditional media need to be more evidently clear, where as a lot of times new media can be too brief and lack depth. Here the traditional media, particular newspaper, can offer to do depth and cover areas of sharing via proper evidence gathering, factual references, and other related story lines such as impacts, conflicting views, and research findings. Perhaps to simply put this – new media is simple straight through briefs, but traditional media has a chance to be a more complete story reporting.”

“Sometimes when the public have a good suggestion on news angles, we listen to their suggestions and cover the news based on their comments.”

“We need to spend time and pay attention to platforms like Twitter.”

“Main traditional media, e.g. ABC News, adopts new media very well. It updates the Facebook very promptly. Nowadays, most people like fast news. They want to know what has happened first. Updates and details can be later. People still depend on main traditional media to clarify and confirm the accuracy of the news. As long as they adopt new media as vehicle of quick dissemination of information, new media cannot replace the traditional one. For in-depth research, Bloomberg Businessweek is a very good example. It always has very 1st hand information and results of researches. It becomes one of the sources of information for any kind of media. By the way, it also updates their Facebook page quite often.”

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