E-books’ digital distractions

Reading books is always a favourite past-time for many people. Books nowadays come in both print and non-print versions. The newly designed Kindle, which is like a tablet but its main purpose  is to ‘store’ books, well of course, in non-print version. We call this an e-book, and people who read this form of books are realizing that while a book in print or on a Kindle is straightforward and immersive, a tablet offers a menu of distractions that can fragment the reading experience, or stop in its tracks.

For example, emails lurk behind the e-book, tantalizing within reach. We are often distracted by these petty things around us, such as checking SMSes or one’s progress in Mousehunt. All these have made our once-enjoyable reading experience into a nightmare. It is harder than ever to sit down and focus on reading.

As seen over the years, especially these 2-3 years, publishers have turned to using social network or technology to advertise information in the form of an editable document. Many have used different kinds of media such as television and most importantly the Internet, to pass on information. Books , once the general medium for sharing information, are now forgotten as public demand has shifted from prints to non-prints (especially online). Readers nowadays are gradually drifting away from books, letting movies and the Internet occupy their leisure time, which previously was made use purposefully through a good read.

“Humans are fascinated with technology, and continuous advancements don’t make it easy to lay off the gadgets. The New York Times reports that individuals who multitask emails, phone calls and social-networking sites have more trouble paying attention and focusing on important information. This is attributed to the fact that daily tasks not involving electronics do not provide the instant stimulation that electronic gadgets do. Nora Volkow, director of The National Institute of Drug Abuse, compares addiction to technological stimulation to addiction to food and sex. Try to limit television viewing to two hours or less a day and use your other devices such as your computer and cell phone for planning and keeping time. If you need entertainment, try writing, painting or exercising.”

The above paragraph is extracted from: http://www.ehow.com/info_7751581_factors-affecting-attention-span.html

Here’s a short article on distractions of e-books: http://www.teleread.com/ebooks/the-distractions-of-e-book-reading/

Here’s the reference article on E-books’ digital distractions: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/05/business/media/e-books-on-tablets-fight-digital-distractions.html?pagewanted=all

Here’s a wonderful piece of article on “Media Effects on Attention span”: http://www.ehow.com/info_8419608_media-effects-attention-span.html

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