Essay Questions 1

All the following essay questions are adapted from ‘KS Bull 2007 Issue 1″.

“A profit-driven mass media is more vibrant than a government regulated one.” Discuss.

“The pursuit of equality of the sexes is not only futile but foolish.” Do you agree?

“An educated society is a civilised one.” Is this always true?

“Government should pay attention to what arts and artists have to say.” Discuss.

“Social change has diminished the importance of family today.” Discuss.

Is freedom always good?

In your opinion, how important is an opposition in government to a country’s progress?

“Censorship is an insult to man’s intelligence.” Discuss.

“Technology has made our lives busier, not better.” How far do you agree with this statement?

How far should the media be held responsible for the problems faced by young people today?

“Democracy is essentially about ‘people power’.” Discuss.

“The moral man is invariably put at a disadvantage; it is always better to be amoral.” Discuss.

“Life is harder, not easier.” How far is this true?

Is it true that the more we have, the less happy we are?

Do you agree that as technology advances, the arts get more enriched and more interesting?

“Science, unlike religion, promises more than it delivers.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?

Do you think society is better off with the liberation of women from their traditional roles?

Consider the view that the study of mathematics is intellectually satisfying, but of little practical use.

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