Essay Questions 10

The following questions are adapted from “KS Bull 2012 Issue 1”:

“It is increasingly challenging to be a man today.” Do you agree?

“Technology has made us worse communicators, not better”. What do you think?

“We asked for workers. We ended up with problems instead.” Is this a fair assessment of the impact of foreign workers in Singapore?

“The world is a book and those who do no travel read only one page.” Do you agree?

Discuss the view that science and technology give us hope for the future.

Is it always the responsibility of the state to help the poor?

Do you agree that mass media should pursue responsibility and not profit?

Are the concerns about the need for us to conserve our environment exaggerated?

“The prospect of a global village is a depressing one.” Discuss.

“An unhappy marriage is best resolved with a divorce.” Comment.

To what extent has new media changed the face of human interaction?

Can national nuclear programmes ever be justified?

Discuss the view that the environment can only be saved through the efforts of developed nations.

“Advertisements truly reflect what a society desires.” Do you agree?

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