Essay Questions 3

The following questions are adapted from “KS Bull 2008 Issue 2”

Do foreigners bring more problems than benefits to your country?

How will global warming change the face of politics in the near future?

Is work-life balance a realistic aim in today’s society?

“Science encourages doubt; religion quells it.” How far do you agree?

“The rise of China is one of the most serious threats the world has seen in recent years.” Comment.

“We worship the young and scorn the old.” What is your opinion?

“Studying overseas is an over-rated experience.” What is your opinion?

“Being monolingual in a globalised world is definitely a disadvantage.” Discuss.

“Democracy isn’t perfect, I Just don’t know a better system.” (Winston Churchill) Do you agree?

“A country should be run like a business.” Discuss this with reference to Singapore.

“Every man is the architect of his own good fortune.” Do you agree that man is the master of his own destiny?

Should the government promote the arts when only the privileged benefit from it?

“Too litt,e too late.” Does this describe our effects at environmental conservation?

Is a policy of non-interference an ethical position for a country to take in foreign affairs?

“The role of the arts should not be to shock but to humanise our world.” Discuss.

“Affluence breeds political apathy.” Is this a fair comment on Singaporean youth?

“There is no place for nationalism in a globalised world.” To what extent do you agree?

Consider the importance of privacy in this day and age.

Are the poor an inevitable feature of any society?

Do foreigners bring more problems than benefits to your country?

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