Essay Questions 4

The following questions are adapted from “KS Bull 2009 Issue 1”:

Is the pursuit of nuclear technology desirable in today’s world?

“The media have exaggerated the importance of sport.” Do you agree?

Is innovation always a sign of progress?

“Male liberation is a myth in today’s society.” Do you agree?

“Animals matter.” Discuss.

“A country’s low birth rate is a reflection of the people’s selfish mindset.” Is this a fair comment?

“Race has no place in politics today.” To what extent is this true?

Is harmony possible in a diverse world?

“The global health threat is the most serious problem facing the world today.” Do you agree?

“A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” Discuss with reference to the arts.

“Values are no longer perceptive but a matter of choice.” To what extent is this true?

How far is your country prepared for future crises?

“Men make better scientists than women.” Do you agree?

“Ignorance is bliss.” Is this good advice?

“The only effective way to deal with dictators is to remove them by force.” Comment.

Consider which sources of energy offer the greatest potential as substitutes for fossil fuels.

As society progresses, is there a need to remember the past?

“Fashion is for the frivolous.” To what extent is this true of the fashion industry today?

“Children today are no longer able to enjoy their childhood.” Is this true of children in your society?

What is the value of literature in the general education of a person who is not intending to be a write?

Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology?

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