Essay Questions 9

The following essay questions are adapted from “KS Bull 2011 Issue 2”:

“The government always acts in the interest of the people.” Discuss.

“Terrorism is born out of oppression.” Do you agree?

Is pragmatism an impediment to real progress in Singapore?

“The arts disturb while the sciences reassure.” How true is this?

“Democracy is not for everyone.” Comment.

To what extent does technology facilitate crime?

To what extent does the media create mediocrity?

Is China a better role model for the world than America?

How important is history in shaping a country’s future?

To what extent is nature valued in your country?

“Women in the developed world have never had it so good.” Do you agree?

“Retirement is a redundant world today.” To what extent is this true?

“Big business cannot be trusted.” Discuss.

To what extent does your country challenge the current state of affairs?

“We have no permanent friends, only permenanet interests.” Is this a good principle to follow in conducting relations between countries?

Do you agree that the barriers to scientific research in the 21st century are more ideological than technological?

Would you agree that the world need smore order than it needs freedom?

To what extent do you agree that the media has been a liberating force?

“Diversity is divisive.” Discuss.

“Social media has changed the face of politics.” To what extent is this true?

Consider the view that globalization destroys culture.

‘Education has only resulted in more inequality.” Do you agree?

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