Should scientific research be restricted in any way?

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Science is the study and knowledge of the physical world and its behaviour that is based on proven facts. It has existed since a long time ago, in every part of the world. Not only has it increased our standard of living tremendously, it has also continuously improved the efficiency and quality of work done. Scientific research has come up with innovative ways that have helped us solve many problems; such as poverty, through improvements in economy, and found cures to diseases through the invention of medicines. However, some would claim that scientific research should be restricted due to the harm that science brings about. Inventions due to scientific research such as cars have brought about detrimental effects such as air pollutions, deleterious weapons invented from science research such as bombs have caused destruction and research on human life have disrupted the normal way of life. Should scientific research be restricted in any way? I would say that it should not be restricted as it have benefited us greatly and although it has also brought about unwanted problems, new solutions have been found to solve them.

Firstly, scientific research is the solution to palliate poverty. Science is the golden path to alleviating poverty and brings success to many of the developing countries in our world today. Through scientific research, new and more effective ways of doing things are being uncovered. For an economy, new and improved ways minimize the cost of production, maximize the output with improved technology and thus, increasing revenue. The economy of a country is brought to a greater height and more profits can be earned. For example, in the 1960s, Singapore faced an economy downfall due to great competition from stronger powers. Many people lost their jobs and were trapped in poverty. Due to scientific research, new technology in 1970s brought about more effective ways of producing goods. The economy thus improved and Singapore became a more developed country. Some may disagree that scientific research can mitigate poverty as other factors such as corrupted and venal government can use the money for personal gains. Money would not be properly channeled to the poor and poverty will still be present. However, I still stand firm to my stand, that through close monitoring, I believe this is achievable and poverty can be alleviated in the long run.

Secondly, scientific research can be used to solve problems like lack of necessities such as water. Through scientific research, such necessities can be created through the inventions of innovative ideas to produce them. For countries such as Singapore that does not have its own water supply, dearth of water is a very drastic as water is an important source for human survival. However, through scientific research, such problem can be solved. In the past, we used to purchase water from Malaysia for Singapore was not equipped with the modern technology to have its own supply of water. However, today due to scientific advancement, Singapore is able to create its own water supply – the NEWater and in any case where Malaysia refuses to sell water to us, we still have our own supply of water. Although some economists might say that such scientific research is too costly and the money used on such research can be used for other beneficial areas such as improving healthcare or education, I stand strong to my point as such necessity is imperative for survival. In addition, we should ensure that such necessity would always be present.

Thirdly, cures for disease can be found through scientific research to protect humanity. New afflictions arise in our everyday life. Only through scientific research, remedy and treatment for such new diseases can be found to save lives. If no cure were to be found, such disease can cause death or can be passed down to the next generation and will never be eradicated. For example, during the Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) period, SARS affected many people and thousands of innocent lives were taken. If no cure was found, people would still be suffering in pain with this disease which leads to death. People might claim that although, such cures can be found, many people, especially the poor would not be able to afford them as scientific research is too costly. However, saving lives is more important and in the long run, subsidies from the government can be provided for people and all would then be able to receive such cures.

On the other hand, some people claim that scientific research is harmful to humanity.

Firstly, the improvement of our life in terms of efficiency of work done have brought about negative side effects to humans as well. Through scientific research, inventions such as cars have improved our ease of transport eminently. The time taken for us to travel is reduced tremendously and our standard of living has increased exceedingly. But some feels that the ruinous side effects such as global warming, air pollution and acid rain due to harmful gases like carbon dioxide emitted from cars have affected our health also. However, I strongly feel that science has also provided solution to such damaging effects. Through scientific research, environmentally friendly cars such as solar-powered cars and lead-free petrol have been invented to ensure such harmful environment effects do not affect the health of people. Thus, scientific research should not be restricted as it can and have constantly improving our lives.

Secondly, science can cause destruction to mankind. Due to scientific research, some people feel that more destructive and harmful weapons are invented and in this way, human lives are threatened. In the past wars involved the usage of only simple weapons such as rifles. Presently, the extent of wars has escalated as massive destruction weapons such as bombs and nuclear weapons are readily used. For example, during World War II, the bombs ‘Little boy’ and ‘Fat man’, the first nuclear weapons were invented and dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. 70,000 to 130,000 people were killed instantly. Thus, some feel that scientific research should be restricted as it is harmful to human lives. However, scientific research should not be restricted as such invention of weapons is a form of protection of a country from any deterrence to potential attackers.

Thirdly, some people would feel that scientific research affects the normal way of life. Scientific research on human lives through experiments such as cloning is deemed as immoral and unethical. They believe that God had created each human being unique and there is no such need for experiments such as cloning to be conducted as it would seems to be defying God. However, scientific research on human would allow us to understand more about ourselves and facts that have yet to be discovered to as to increase our knowledge on ourselves and educate the next generation about human beings.

The benefits brought by scientific have improved the standard of living of people tremendously. The foremost problems in society such as poverty, lack of necessities, diseases that could not be solved in the past can now be alleviated using the new ways found by scientific research. Although negative side effects are present due to scientific progress and human lives are being threatened, scientific research has also came up with solutions for such harmful effects. Thus, scientific research should not be restricted so as to allow mankind to continue to benefit from it.

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