Deforestation: An omen to the end of humans?

Written by Chua Zen Zhong

Here is the link to the reference article:

Deforestation is a relevant topic when it comes to the survival of human kind. Conservation efforts in the past few decades have not managed to stop the wave of deforestation in many countries over the world, and as the number of trees lessens, humans too will be affected. Sooner or later, there will be repercussions as a result of excessive logging, such that humans will lose their oxygen supply with declining numbers of trees, and several problems will arise when paper from trees runs out as well. Even though several countries have the autonomy to carry on deforestation for economic benefits, such as the processing then sale of the cut-down trees and the acquiring of valuable land to sell, the world needs to look at efforts to persuade these countries to stop before it’s too late. I believe strongly that deforestation is also the key to postponing global warming, so that we can gain time to find a solution to it. In the article, it seems that deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has increased almost six fold, and this is extremely distressing to hear.

If the question is whether the loggers are at fault, then I think they are not. It is more of the conglomerates who are fighting among themselves to get a slice of the deforestation pie, as deforestation is actually creating lots of business opportunities. Estate development is just one. Imagine, take a deep breath, and within the time you took to breathe, the size of 2 soccer fields worth of trees would have been cut down. This is the extreme rate of deforestation that is taking place today, and what would happen once all the trees have been cut down? Not only would we lose our source of oxygen, the animals and other inhabitants of the forests will die out without a suitable habitat to live in.

Deforestation will lead to many different consequences if it is continued, too many of which will affect mankind. We must certainly prevent the corporations out there who wish to expand the industry of deforestation from continuing the destruction of nature, and I feel that we should urge all the people out there to start replanting, to once again bring back Mother Nature and to ultimately preserve our own existence.

There has been talk of a paperless society as well, where paper is no longer needed, when everything is done on laptops and other advanced technology. Think about it though, when you go to the toilet and after excreting waste, you find that there is no toilet paper to clean up. That is just one of the possible things that will happen once we run of trees, then paper in general. Recycling cannot keep up with the pace of paper wastage, so we will indeed run out. Will scientists be able to find a solution to all these practical situations which require paper by then? I for one highly doubt so. We must act now to stop deforestation.

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