“Women should never rule a country.” Is this a fair statement?

This is the link to the reference article: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2008/11/should-women-rule/7061/

While no woman has been president of Singapore nor has any woman run for presidency, it does not mean that a woman is incapable of ruling a country. There are many notable female leaders in big organizations, whom have stood up to run for presidency in countries like US and Indonesia. In fact, human history reveals that the world does have many years’ worth of experience with female rulers.  All of us must acknowledge the fact that women are indeed worthy of leading and developing any territory.

Notable female leaders such as Cleopatra of Egypt, Empress Wu Zetian of Tang Dynasty, China and Queen Elizabeth I of England had indeed contributed much to their ruling societies. Cleopatra succeeded in overthrowing her brother’s reign and concentrated the power in her own hands. She was scheming, capable, ambitious and absolutely remarkable, and made great contributions to protect her kingdom. Empress Wu, though the last ruler of the Tang Dynasty, brought the empire to greater heights. Many inventions were made during her reign and material wealth of the country was at one of its highest peaks. Elizabeth I was endowed with immense courage and handled problems like religious strife and foreign debt very well. She garnered support from the masses and many respected her even after her death. Renowned cases of female leaders are highly commendable and we must not forget their efforts in protecting and contributing to their empires.

Many have argued that women’s rule over men would be an utter disgrace to not only men, but the society as well. Men define women as weak, meek and incompetent human beings, only capable of reproducing and taking care of minor chores. Whatever happens outside the home must only be controlled and maintained by men, otherwise all have to face the dire consequences brought about by female interference. Men have always argued that female leadership is synonymous to inept leadership, but they have neglected the fact that women are also equally smart and capable of handling major tasks. As quoted from the article, “In a highly competitive and increasingly fractious world, women possess the kind of critical problem-solving skills that are urgently needed to break down barriers, build understanding, and create the best conditions for peace”, which certainly proves to us that men could not solve all problems and women interference is a must. Men are aggressive in their approach in handling matters, such as staging war against other territories in the case of US-Iraq War , and often resulted in unconcluded agreements. On the other hand, women are calm-minded and gentle when tackling huge matters. According to research, majority of the females believe that all matters must be treated with care, like how they take care of kids, and that they tend to excel more in consensus-building and other skills in leadership. With all these in mind, women have the potential to resolve conflicts between territories through peaceful means.

All in all, it is unfair to say that women are incompetent when taking over leadership roles. They definitely would not disgrace the society and in fact, they may potentially bring about progress to the community. Female political leaders are portrayed so much less impressive in this democratic era due to mediocre positions given to them or even not well-addressed in developing countries, where highest number of records of female presidents are found. Women can be great leaders and should be given the chance to outshine the men. It is timely that we need to address this issue of gender inequality in leadership positions in any group, community or country.

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