Essay Questions 13

Year 5 Common Test

1. “Religion has only resulted in divided societies.” What is your view?

2. “People who are in poverty have only themselves to blame.” Comment.

3. Should scientific research be largely driven by commercial interests?

4. “The pursuit of gender equality will do more harm than good.” Discuss.

5. “New media is a new evil.” Discuss.

Year 6 Common Test

6. “Literature, drama and art  all amount to making something out of nothing.” Is this a fair assessment of the arts?

7. “Image is everything.” How far do you agree with this statement?

8. Do you think your society will benefit from having more freedom?

9. “Fine in principle but a failure in practice.” How far do you agree with this assessment of democracy?

10. How far do you agree that war is a necessary tool for peace?

11. “Moral considerations hinder scientific progress.” Comment.

12. Would you agree that we can do little to help the poor in our world today?

13. “Science makes believe in God obsolete.” Comment.

14. Discuss the extent to which it has become harder to lead healthy lives today.

15. “The rise of the East and fall of the West are inevitable.” Do you agree?

16. Do you agree that the tools of social media have reinvented social activism?

17. To what extent should schools use examinations to evaluate students?

18. Consider the view that efficient government is more important than democracy.

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